Когда мелочи имеют значение

Garbage bags

It is an indispensable attribute in every house today - we can not imagine, like this: take out the garbage pails, wash them with disgust and cover it by paper, as it was 10-15 years ago
Of course, everyone can say that it is possible to put out the garbage in the store bags in which we carry home the goods purchased, but it is much comfortable to choose a garbage bag to the size of your garbage pail and the necessary strong for different types of waste. Especially, that it is very important to sort garbage before disposal, today. We offer different garbage bags, both in size and strong and even colors. We offer various garbage bags, with different sizes and strengths, and even colors.
It is good to know: very often on products made from polyethylene indicate the value of MKM. This abbreviation shows the thickness - the microns quantity - goods. For example, the thickness of a human hair - from 80 to 110 microns, and the film thickness of the standard TM “ Мелочи Жизни " garbage bags of 35 liters of 10 microns, in this case the bags can withstand up to 10 kg weight but with a provision if it does not pierce / cutting garbage.