Когда мелочи имеют значение

Kitchen sponges

Long since, we do not wash the dishes by rag, and by convenient special sponges. There are many in shops and markets, and today few people think of which of them - for what, and which is better and more reliable. Types of kitchen sponges are various and it is important to understand which is suitable for one or other tableware. And then, it is important to pay attention to the material from which the sponge produced. For example, the foam can be different and reacts differently on prolonged contact with moisture. TM "Мелочи Жизни" offers a wide range of kitchen sponge with high quality materials intended to long-time contacts with moist environment which prevents the quickly growth of bacteria and corrosion of products.

Irreplaceable thing in the household, especially if the "milk has boiled over." Every housewife knows that any out dated and burnt dirt, in the end, mess up not only favorite dishes / surface, but mood, and manicures. To avoid this, irreplaceable gloves and kitchen scrubbers are come to the aid - products designed specifically to remove ingrained or old contaminants. It is still far not always we have the opportunity to wash / wipe dirt "hot on the trail". For example, if something burnt, then we not able to do without the kitchen scrubbers. Moreover, TM "Мелочи Жизни" taken care about cleanness and lack of scratches - among scrubs features both classic (spiral steel scrubbers) and the most sensitive products (fiber scrubs), which effectively remove contamination without damage cookware or kitchen surfaces.