Когда мелочи имеют значение

Mission and values

TM “Мелочи Жизни”- a household of three directions: 

 household  goods (cleaning);

cooking  and storage goods;

hygiene products.

All products are characterized by high quality, reasonable price and a wide selection of products, which allow everyone to choose products according to their needs and preferences.


TM “Мелочи Жизни” mission:

Maximum and closely foresee, also solve all difficulties in household cares, to create the most suitable products for comfortable, easy cleaning and cooking. Our thoughtful minutiae will make your cleaning EASY and care for comfort and convenience into the house as pleasing and imperceptible cares.


TM “Мелочи Жизни” values: 

  • Customers comfort. We do not just care about your comfort and the maximum facilitation of household chores: cleaning should be easy, and cooking to be fun.
  • Views and customers preferences. Only you, our customers, housewives are set priorities in one or other household goods. Your views and preferences always formed the basis of every product of TM “Мелочи Жизни”
  • Unconditional high quality. Quality of all TM “Мелочи Жизни” products monitored at all stages of production - from raw material to packaging. Quality is confirmed by certificates as Ukrainian regulatory authorities, and international certificates.
  • Products innovation. We aim to create for you interesting and useful new items, improve their properties and working lifespan, to produce revolutionary products to facilitate the conduct of life.

More information about TM “Мелочи Жизни” products (range and key features of each product) in the section PRODUCTS