Когда мелочи имеют значение

ТМ "Мелочи Жизни" household goods 

Every day we are faced with household problems of varying complexity, starting from cooking and the finishing of bottoming the house. The solving of these problems requires from us a lot of work and attention, because we talking about our home. About place where we spend a lot of time and where our children grow up. Ergopack company and TM "Мелочи Жизни" gladly represent a whole range of products, which is allow to not only relieve your household chores but also streamline and optimize your housework. Does not that it is hard to imagine the cleaning without garbage bags or the washing dishes without kitchen sponges. All these important minutiae make the complex of nuances, without which at the present stage of life was difficult to be spared.

Household goods for cleaning

ТМ "Мелочи Жизни" offers a variety of home cleaning items, apartments, offices and other places where we spend our time. Today indispensable attributes of cleaning steel garbage bags, kitchen sponges, kitchen cloths, gloves and many other important and essential details. It is important to remember that the TM "Мелочи Жизни" and its manufacture company "Ergopack" put maximum emphasis on the quality of goods. After all, functionality and duration of using are important when choosing the household goods. Our research center is constantly working towards improving the characteristics and qualities of consumer household goods, as well as we regularly conduct research to expand the functionality and quality of the products.

Household goods for cooking and food storage

Today it is more easier, healthier and tastier bake fish in foil or meat in the sleeve. Leaving the house, you put your sandwich in the bag for food or wrap it in cling film. And so on. It is the little things that make our treatment of food is not only more comfortable, but also safer. TM "Мелочи Жизни" makes all complex products for cooking and food storage, namely: the foil, sleeve for baking, baking paper, cling film, bags for breakfast, freezing bags with zipper, toothpicks, etc.

TM "Мелочи Жизни" takes care of high quality of household products and  that come into contact with food items, because we are talking about of your and ours health.